Marketing Dashboard for Measuring Fan Reach

Marketing Dashboard Example: The ReverbNation Dashboard. Bands and musicians have revolutionized the marketing of their music through their eager adoption of social networking technologies. Even the largest labels now realize that the independent artists and garage bands were really onto something with their myspace pages and blogs. Today, marketing to music fans and communities is a real science with measurements targeting fanreach, song downloads and band page traffic.

Here is an example of a Fan Reach Dashboard by ReverbNation, a service for music artists that allows for easy setup of profile pages, widgets, and other social marketing services for interacting with their fanbase. The dashboard makes it possible for musicians to gather business intelligence about their marketing efforts. There is a “street team” functionality that tracks marketing missions. Artists create marketing campaigns and attach widgets to these missions so that activity and results can be collected and surfaced on the fan reach dashboard. If a street team member places a banner announcing a song on a blog, the banner tracks the impressions and click-through rate for the duration of the marketing mission and sends the data back to the marketing dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of the fan reach dashboard:

Fan Reach Dashboard

In terms of the design of the dashboard, note the use of the larger fonts for the numeric value of the various metrics. Each portlet leads with a nice big positive or negative number. Good best practice for clarity.

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  1. Not bad at all, although of course the space containing the pie chart could be better used, but you’ve heard that from me before! 😉

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