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Sales Dashboards: Update! Klipfolio has released version 5.1 of their desktop dashboards. A compelling way to report sales metrics and KPIs is their new sales dashboard. It’s an interesting way to use the PC desktop to bring immediacy to the sales managers and executive management.

Lately we’ve been discussing the Principle of Placement, one of the rules underlying business intelligence dashboard design. Remember the post about the 3 Rules of Dashboarding in which we discussed the great article in CIO Today – The End Game for Business Intelligence.  We’ve focused on various incarnations of getting at-a-glance dashboard information out of the browser and client and onto a place closer to the user. The idea is to try to get the BI alerts as close to the user as possible – why log into a website or launch a software application when you can have the information come to you? We seen that several vendors have targeted the PC desktop itself through widgets that load when you boot up the machine. No need to launch a specific business dashboard software application.

Chief Dashboard Spy at Klipfolio, Allan Wille, was kind enough to send along a sneak peek of their version of desktop business intelligence, the KlipFolio Desktop Dashboard. Here’s a look at the upcoming new Version 5.

By the way, if the name Allan Wille sounds familiar, he is the author of the above-mentioned article in CIO Today that discussed the rules of dashboarding. Great job!

Desktop Dashboard for Sales CRM

As you can see from this very appealing dashboard, this company really knows what it is doing in terms of  UI design. The fact that it’s a desktop widget means that the collection of small dashboards or “Klips” as the company calls them, can stay out of the way until you need them, keep current through behind the scene data updates and automatically load when you turn on your machine.

This is a sales dashboard. Note the sales pipeline centric collection of metrics: Changes in web traffic sources and visits, Newest Sales Opportunities, Sales Representative Performance Metrics, Pipeline figures, and contact information.

Let’s hear it straight from them:

I saw you posted some BOBJ Widgets the other day also – although we also have the concept of individual modules (we call them Klips),  we’re trying not to to be as “free-form” with them, more consistent in their appearance with more out of the box enterprise features.

I’ve attached a screenshot here. This sales dashboard is tying back to SugarCRM for sales data, Google Analytics for marketing metrics and a csv file for rep-performance. The idea here is that with a dashboard on the desktop’s of employees, key bits of data can be consolidated from multiple sources and alert the user to new or changing data in near-real-time.

Here is a link for a sneak peek at the upcoming Enterprise 5 Desktop Dashboard.

Here is a closer look at some of the Klips:

Dashboard Widget Klip Call Tracker Dashboard Widget

For more information, take a look at their current version of the Klipfolio Enterprise Desktop Dashboard. They also have a personal version of what they brand as the world’s smallest personal dashboard that you can download.

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