K.I.T.T. Dashboard – from Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff

Update: Believe it or not, this post about KITT, the car from the Knight Rider TV show, gets a lot of traffic. Here’s a bonus for you fans.

For those who don’t know KITT, it’s the car from the TV show Knight Rider. The original show aired from 1982 to 1986 and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight – a modern day knight crusading against crime with an awesome stead in the form of KITT (the Knight Industries Two Thousand).

The series was revived for the 2008 TV season and, of course, KITT is back. Now it’s the Knight Industries Three Thousand and it’s driven by Michael Knight’s son.

Update to this post: Here is a really good video for you to watch if you want to see K.I.T.T. in action. It’s a tribute video composed of footage from the original Knight Rider show, and shows some good shots of the KITT dashboard. There are quite a few closeups of the Knight Rider dashboard being used. Of course there are action sequences and the Knight Rider sound track.

And here are some shots of the new KITT. These are promo spots for the 2008 Knight Rider show on NBC.

As you know, there’s a new Knight Rider TV Movie coming up. Here’s a picture of the new KITT. Gee, I wonder what the dashboard looks like?

KITT Knight Rider New Car

Yes, Knight Rider KITT is a Ford Mustang!

KITT Knight Rider Ford Mustang

The new KITT can be seen in this preview video. It shows closeups of the new KITT Dashboard.

And here’s David Hasselhoff back in the saddle!

New Knight Rider TV Movie

Original Dashboard Spy Post:

Does anyone remember the car from the 1980s Knight Rider TV show with David Hasselhoff? Here is the definitive study of Kitt’s dashboard: http://www.juhaterho.fi/drawings/kitt/. Go to the site to see large versions of dashboards as well as neat drawings. Of course, if you want to try and capture your own screenshots of the KITT Dashboard, you can get a dvd from amazon.

Knight Rider Car DashboardAnd here is a shot of the interior of the knight rider kitt car including the dashboard. For a close look at KITT’s dashboard, click on the photo to bring up a high resolution version of the graphic.

Kitt dashboard knight rider original

Did you know that fans have been building their own KITTs? Take a look at these videos of KITT dashboards in action:

For you true original Knight Rider fans, here are some special links:

Knight Rider TV Scripts

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