Information Security Metrics Dashboard – a rare insider glimpse into threat management levels

Security Threat Management Dashboard Update: This topic came up in a recent discussion with a Dashboard Spy about how insecure many applications are. This is the case in even the most security conscious environments. Take a look at the application security threats in a major financial company:

Dashboard Spy readers know that sometimes I can’t go into great detail of how particular dashboard screenshots get “liberated” for the enterprise dashboard community to examine. This dashboard comes into that category. I can tell you that it is from the information security department of one of the world’s leading financial companies. There isn’t anything earth-shattering about the layout or the metrics themselves, it is just that it is so rare to see actual metrics involving security threat incidents against a particular system.

In terms of the metrics, this enterprise dashboard includes: Privacy (reported incidents, resolved incidents), Threat Management (Forensic Investigations – active, new, closed, Intelligence – cyber threat incidents, Intrusion Detection – security tickets), Assessments (third party site assessments), Awareness & Education, and Issues Tracking (audits).

Thanks to the brave enterprise dashboard designer who sent me this dashboard screenshot.

Information Security Metrics Dashboard

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