InetSoft Construction Management Dashboard

A new Dashboard Spy friend, Michael Schiff, at InetSoft submitted this dashboard example. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Interactive version available here.

As explained by Michael:

This display is a perfect example of why we need dashboards in today’s world. Behind this colorful showing of charts and sliders are thousands upon thousands of data points. Spreadsheets are not easy to read – dashboards are.

The entire design philosophy of a dashboard is based on speed.

Consolidating data into a purely visual format allows users to identify trends and make informed decisions far quicker than analyzing numbers.

This dashboard gives a complete overview of a fictional construction agency. It tracks all the metrics related to running that company, using a series of input and output elements.

The selection lists, drop down menu, and calendar allow the user to modify the outputs on the charts. If, for example, a user would like to know how many accidents there were in California between July and August, they can tweak the dashboard appropriately.

Try this dashboard for yourself at this link here or see our professional design tools at