Hospital Financial Management Dashboard

Keane Practice Management Dashboards are part of their H.I.S. (Hospital Information Systems) offerings and are designed to allow MSOs (Management Services Organizations), PHOs (Physician Hospital Organizations), IDNs (Integrated Delivery Networks), large multi-specialty group practices and even large physician practices to track profitability and minimize risk within their practices.

Here we see an example of an executive dashboard focusing on financial management summaries. The center panel provides a daily management snapshot with revenue, accounts/receivable, DNFB (Discharged Not Final Billed), and other financial metrics. Flanking either side of the center portlet are a series of dial gauges with various KPIs.

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Executive dashboard with summary of financial KPIs

Executive dashboard with summary of financial KPIs

From the description of the other Hospital Information System modules:

Solutions for Medical Group Practices

Keane Practice Management is comprised of the following modules:


  • Creates user-defined time slots, appointment types, and physician schedules
  • Prints schedules, charge slips, chart pull listings, and day sheets on demand
  • Search for available time slots for single physician; allows scheduling of multiple resources
  • Waiting list feature to fill in canceled appointments
  • Check-in, check-out feature keeps patient status visible

Authorizations / Referral Management

  • Tracks patient care authorizations by date, dollar amount, and number of allowed authorizations
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of authorizations and insurances per patient
  • Automatically de-increments authorizations as used and alerts staff when they are almost depleted


  • Single screen entry for charges, payments, and adjustments
  • Automatic generation of superbills and insurance forms for each visit; auto-generation of secondary claims
  • User-defined cycles for insurance billing and patient statements

Patient Accounting

  • Core module includes: billing, practice analysis reporting, insurance processing, and collections
  • Fast, efficient registration abilities; quick navigation between screens
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly management reports designed to increase efficiency and profitability

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • HIPAA 837P claims and 835 remittance formats

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  1. It might be a little deceptive that the needles in the gauges are yellow.

    I would suggest making the gauge needles a solid color (gray/black/etc). Or better yet, make them the color of the range they’re pointing to — that way if the needle is visually “on the line”, you can still (easily) tell which range it’s really pointing to.

  2. Agreed. Good point on the color choice.

    And, I’m sure that the “I hate gauges” crowd would tell us that these are just plain wrong altogether!

    The Dashboard Spy

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