Hospital Bed Occupancy Management Enterprise Dashboard circa 2001

In speaking to an enterprise dashboard project member, who also happens to be a physician involved with hospital management, I reviewed a series of screenshots from my dashboard collection of a hospital dashboard from the year 2002. I remember it well because of the fine documentation that accompanied the project. It was featured at the 2002 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society meeting. I looked for it on the web and, sure enough, here is a detailed description and analysis of the Real-Time Bed Management and Census Control Dashboard project.

The challenge of the enterprise dashboard project was to provide a hospital with the enabling technology to maximize bed resources, manage census levels, reduce emergency room wait times and avoid patient diversions.  The solution, called the BMD or Bed Management Dashboard presented information from the hospital’s ADT (Admission/Discharge/Transfer) system in an easy-to-understand format to allow users to access, analyze, and display historical and current patient and bed information.

The project members at the time were quite proud to call their product “An Air Traffic Control Tower for Beds”. As the document states:

Hospital Patient Bed Management Project Goals

For those interested in the architectural details of the enterprise dashboard, here is a visio diagram depicting the various components. 

Hospital Dashboard Architecture 

Here is the enterprise dashboard itself. Note the rich client nature of the project. The KPIs available include total occupancy, sorts by unit, service, and physician, and attributes such as available, monitored, occupied, percentage occupied, staffed and inactive:

Hospital Census Dashboard

Here are some screenshots that illustrate the usage and workflow:

Hospital Bed Assignment

Bed Occupany Map Dashboard

Be sure to read through the pdf if you are interested at all in hospital management dashboards.

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