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The Remedy helpdesk system now uses dashboard displays (they branded their system as "Flashboards" – see Here is a dashboard screenshot of what a help desk manager would be interested in. Note the emphasis on open tickets – by priority, by department and by high/urgent status.

The second screenshot shows how a user flips the view. From the Remedy people on the term "flashboard" – "a visual management tool that allows you to create dashboards that graphically monitor business process performance in real-time. Flashboards automatically monitors critical business indicators and proactively alerts process owners to potential issues. Allows you to graphically monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) through interactive charts and meters, and also allows you to drill-down into the details of a particular process to understand and review the underlying metrics.

Graphical displays highlight problem areas using color-coding to give you visual alerts that conditions are outside of acceptable ranges. Flashboard alerts can also help you to quickly and expertly re-deploy your resources to optimally resolve current issues and address potential problems."

Enterprise Dashboard Screenshot

Dashboard Screenshot

Help desk dashboards can take many different forms. Web-based dashboards such as these are typical but there are also desktop dashboards that are appearing that specialize in the help desk area. A good helpdesk dashboard should help its users spot, process, and preempt trouble tickets that could otherwise turn into call storms. This can be very successfully accomplished via a desktop dashboard. Think of a desktop dashboard as a “permanent part” of your desktop. It’s a app that acts like a gadget or widget that appears on your desktop when you log in. Simply booting up your machine brings you in contact with your help desk metrics.

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