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Is Google planning to become a viable choice for business dashboards? Google has just made available a compelling, no cost, product of great interest to the business intelligence dashboard community. Google Sites is a “suite of products for improving communication and collaboration”. It’s basically a wiki-type of Web 2.0 application that has several page layouts including a dashboard-type page. The Google Sites product is available to you if you use Google Apps (and you should as we demonstrated the power of web-based dashboard portlets powered by Google Spreadsheets in this Dashboard Spy video tutorial on coding simple html dashboard portlets.

Check out Google Apps through this Google Apps Video Tour.

Now let’s take a look at a Google Sites example of a dashboard layout. This is a mockup from Google that shows how you would use the Google Sites Dashboard Layout for a project management dashboard. Note that the link brings up a live dashboard example, so be sure to visit. You can always “leverage” the html code for a similar dashboard layout! In any case, you should click around any check out this project management dashboard example for ideas.

I grabbed a couple of screenshots for you, but have a visit to the dashboard. Here is the main project dashboard and the team profile page. See the rest of this post for the additional dashboard screenshots.

Google Sites Dashboard Project Management Example

Google Sites Dashboard Demo Project Team

Google Sites Dashboard Project Vision

Google Sites Project Calendar

Nice clean designs. Perfect platform for prototyping and envisioning work. Just add the content that the business users want to see. Or, dare I suggest, ask your business users to open Google App accounts and see what happens!

For more screenshots, check out the Google Sites post with this link to The Dashboard Spy.

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  4. Project Management Dashboard software should be able to slice/dice project data and present reports in the manner the user wants to analyze it. Which software permits this?

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