Google Analytics Easy Dashboard

google analytics easy dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboards have become push button simple to produce. Instead of needing to program against the Google Analytics API and having to learn its intricacies, developers can now log into the Analytics Easy Dashboard Library, register to access the Google APIs console, then generate and copy and paste a prebuilt chunk of Javascript code. This code can then be tweaked to produce the type of data desired as well as the graph or chart they want it charted in.

So, yes, the GA Dashboard is called the Analytics Easy Dashboard. And indeed it is easy.

Take a look at the screenshot above for an example.

This from the web:

“So now you can create custom Google Analytics dashboards very quickly, with minimal code,” wrote Jeetendra Soneja and Nick Mihailovski, from the Google Analytics API Team, in a blog post.

Google built the tool in conjunction with a team of University of California at Irvine students, and the company is now working with another group of students at the university to simplify the tool further.

Google Analytics is a cloud-based application that webmasters use to monitor traffic on their websites and analyze usage in order to determine the effectiveness of different content sections and ads.