Flex-based Enterprise Dashboards via the VFX Platform

Long-time Dashboard Spy reader Tom sent me his latest enterprise dashboard screenshots. He’s been creating some very exciting Adobe Flex-based business intelligence systems where the user can enjoy the interactivity that comes from flash-based (swf) files. The demo of the VFX Platform is an impressive presentation of the data from the famous Contoso scenario and allows for some great interactivity. As Tom explains:

This dashboard page view, was built in Adobe Flex via the VFX Platform. Using the rich set of visual components in VFX and Flex we were able to make a compelling visual analysis tool that allows for dynamic slicing along 4 dimensions of data (geography, time, market segment, net-promoter.)   The VFX Platform allows developers to take any compiled Flash .SWF (Adobe Flex OR any other like Xcelsius) and simply upload them to the dashboard portal and then manage access to them via built a built in role based security and content management system.   Once a .SWF is uploaded into the portal it is completely secure and allows end users to then snapshot various charts, graphs, and components to create their own dashboards on the fly.   Demo here:  http://www.dashboardcompany.com/demos/gallery.html

I’m always interested in the usability of enterprise dashboards. I really like how the functionality is explained to the user via the use of the right-side instruction panels (see the description tab on the panel to the right of the business visualizations).

Flex Enterprise Dashboard

Adobe Flex Dashboard


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