Fitness Dashboard with Live Scorecard

Once in a while, an enterprise dashboard screenshot reveals its true genius and value only after it sits in our brains for a while. Take a look at this fitness dashboard to see what I mean.

This was grabbed from a marketing page on a website for Orangetheory Fitness. I don’t know what the site or the business is about but I grabbed this screenshot of a person exercising in front of an executive dashboard of sorts.


My first thought was how cool it was to have access to a large dashboard while exercising. Visions of checking KPIs and metrics while working up a sweat in the corporate gym flashed through my mind. But I was being silly. The true genius of this scorecard is in the social aspects and the effect it would have on the dashboard user.

Let’s walk through this use case:

Bill starts working out and sees that his goal is such and such. He’s reached a certain level or sees that his KPIs are whatever. But the real effects come when he compares himself to the others in the gym. See how this dashboard can bring up the competitor in the dashboard users? Get it? Now it has the power to keep the user engaged and working harder to show better metrics and rankings.

It took me a while to catch onto the social effects here. I think this is a brilliant use of a dashboard in a real-world environment. I’m going to look at more examples.

The Dashboard Spy