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A couple of posts ago, we examined a dashboard meant as a tool for financial intermediaries (see Economic Recovery Dashboard for Financial Advisors). The point I was trying to make in that post was that some dashboards are not meant for the ultimate end user, but as a tool for the middleman looking to add value through expert knowledge and interpretation.

Continuing the “financial markets” domain as an example, we now look at a similar dashboard that provides financial market indicators and interpretation directly to the end user. Dealscape is a section of that provides news coverage and analysis of the financial crisis to its readers. That particular demographic is composed of business-saavy executives looking to stay on top of corporate and financial dealmaking news.

The Dealscape section now has a financial market indicators dashboard titled Crisis Dashboard: LIBOR, VIX, TED Spread, Dow.

As you see from this screen shot, the dashboard is comprised of a section with financial KPIs shown in either red or green, followed by text commentary. I cut off the bottom section of the analysis in my screen grab. Visit the Crisis Dashboard itself to see the full analysis.

Crisis Dashboard

An element that I find of interest on this dashboard is the incorporation of the “Share, Email, Discuss, Print” actions that you can take on the line right under the title. It’s a common device on news oriented sites, but an interesting element that business dashboards may benefit from. I would change the icons of course. The yellow/red/green squares can be confused as the typical business dashboard status indicators.

crisis dashboard actions

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