Federal Dashboard Reaches 20 Million Hits in 2 Weeks

In a recent Dashboard Spy post about the Federal Dashboard (see http://enterprise-dashboard.com), I lauded the efforts of Federal CIO Vivek Kundra, especially his recent work with the IT Dashboard. Some of you probably thought I was a bit over the top with all my gushing praise about the dashboard and my claim that this ushers in a new level of user consciousness about business dashboards.

Well, the buzz just keeps on growing, and I’m more in love with the IT Dashboard project than ever!

Remember this picture I showed of a certain user taking a look at the Federal IT Dashboard?

Obama Dashboard

Well, it turns out that that President Obama wasn’t the only dashboard user. In the 2 weeks since the launch of the IT dashboard, there have been over 20 million hits. It’s too bad that “hits” as a measure is still being used, because I’d really like to know how many unique visitors there were to the dashboard.

Anyway, my point is that this business dashboard project is extraordinary not only because of the visibility it brings to the government IT spending metrics that it reports on (we know how much we can use greater management transparency!), but because of the incredible visibility of the project itself. The fact that the President of the United States is one of the users giving your dashboard the once over is probably quite thrilling. It brings a whole new meaning to “let’s pay a little attention to the user interface!”.

Also, I’m sure that, once in a while, you worry about your application’s peak loads and how it’s handling a surge of users. Well, how would you like to worry about the infrastructure issues for this project? I suppose that we’re talking world class infrastructure and maintenance.

The other interesting item I wanted to bring to your attention was that the Federal CIO has been blogging about the dashboard and is asking for your feedback and input on future functionality. Check out the IT Dashboard Blog and this statement from Kundra:

For anybody just joining us, the“IT Dashboard” is a new, one-stop clearinghouse of information that allows anyone with a web browser to track federal IT initiatives and hold the government accountable for progress and results. A part of USASpending.gov, the dashboard allows you to see what IT projects are working and on-schedule (and which are not), offer alternative approaches, and provide direct feedback to the chief information officers at federal agencies – in effect, keeping tabs on the people who are responsible for taxpayer dollars for technology.

Leading up to the launch, we tapped the brightest and most innovative minds from Federal agencies, Congress, independent oversight organizations, and the private sector as we built the IT Dashboard. Over 400 federal employees joined our daily open house sessions for a hands-on opportunity to try the Dashboard, check their data, and suggest improvements. Until July 31, CIOs can submit investment evaluations and update other investment data. During this time, you will notice that the site will continue to be in “beta” as we deliver additional key features.

But we can’t simply make this an exercise in federal agency reporting. That is why we started this blog. We want to hear from you about what works and what doesn’t with the site. Is there a more innovative approach that an investment should consider? Does the contract data look incorrect to you? Is there an application that we should add? This is a site to serve you, and to do that, we need to hear from you.

So bookmark this blog, and come back to us often. There is a lot happening over the next few weeks as we review the entire federal IT portfolio, assess the performance of investments, identify areas to save money, improve performance, and share best practices.

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