Excel Dashboard for Hospital Bed Management

Dashboard Topic: Demo of an Excel Dashboard for Hospital Bed Management.

Strategic management of hospital beds has become a high-pressure requirement in today’s world of health care facilities needing to do more with less resources. Like it or not, hospitals make money by determining the “right” kind of patients, procedures and getting the occupany and turn-over rates right. Yes, it seems cold-hearted, but strategic management of resources such as beds is what drives the profitability of health-care facilities.

Now, in defense of hospitals, I recently had the experience of bringing someone with an arm injury to the emergency room. This person was concerned because of her lack of health insurance. While checking in, however, the nurse and the admissions clerk both, in separate conversations, reassured us that they do not turn away people who need care. In fact they pointed out a sign posted in a prominent location that they do not turn away people because of an inability to pay.

Now, back to excel dashboards. Today we have the opportunity not only to look at screenshots of an excel dashboard for the management of hospital bed metrics, but, thanks to qimacros.com, you can actually download a working Excel worksheet for use as a hospital bed management dashboard system. Here is a screengrab of the goals and objectives of their bed dashboard system. I screen captured this page from their bed management demo video:

Hospital bed management dashboard objectives

The following excel dashboard screenshots and links are from the qimacros bed management page.

First off, let’s download (right-click and “save target as”) the hospital bed management excel dashboard itself. You’ll see that it has 3 tabs: Patient Census, Hospital, and Bed Management Statistics.

Here is a look at the bed status dashboard:

Hospital Bed Status Dashboard Screen

Bed statuses are color coded and can have values such as Occupied, Available, Assigned, Discharge Ordered, Likely, Pending or Transfer, Cleaning, No Staff or Not in Service.

The census screen looks like this:

Patient Census Dashbaord

The bed statistics page of this excel dashboard looks like the following:

Health care facilty bed management statistics

Of course, since this is an excel spreadsheet, you can visualize the bed management metrics with graphs such as this:

Excel Dashboard Graph Hospital Metrics

Be sure to download the excel spreadsheet.

Finally, here is a picture of what we are looking to replace – a whiteboard used in a hospital hallway to manage bed statuses. Think of it this way, when the head nurse erases a status from that board, it goes away forever. Why struggle with trying to recreate it for analysis from your admission records. Capture it and use it right away with an enterprise dashboard.

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