Enterprise Dashboard Monitoring ERP System Health KPIs

A Dashboard Spy in an IT consulting firm worked on this project a couple of years ago. He was brushing up his resume, came across this screenshot of a dashboard application he worked on, and thought to send it to me. Thanks, the Dashboard Spy and his enterprise dashboard readership appreciate it!

The idea of this dashboard is to monitor the health of a PeopleSoft system. The client company that this KPI dashboard was pitched to had a concern about the performance of their PeopleSoft Financials and HR modules. This dashboard is somewhat hard to see clearly due to the compressed size, but you can see that this summary page is simple. The first column is titled Application Measures (KPIs) and has the following KPIs: Overall Health Temperature, Performance of Batch and Online processes, Stability in terms of Availability, Help Desk Calls and Level of Change, Risk of Infrastructure and Software, Cost of Maintenance and Per User, and User Activity (user load). Note that in addition to the usual red/yellow/green states, there is an indication of the trend of each metric via an up or down arrow icon.

ERP package KPI monitoring dashboard

For specific information on help desk dashboard technology, see Klipfolio Help Desk Dashboards.

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