Enterprise Dashboard for Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing Dashboards quickly pay for themselves through their ability to surface key KPIs that show marketers the efficacy of their marketing programs. When marketing department enterprise dashboard users can be alerted to the campaigns that are producing the most and best sales leads and contacts, the prioritization of campaigns can be quickly accomplished.

Take a look at these two screenshots of a marketing dashboard implemented using an open source java/ajax dashboard framework called jwic.

The first dashboard shows your listing of marketing activities. You can enter the name of the activity, the dates, status, etc. The list view is on the top part of the screen while the activity detail portion is at the bottom of the dashboard. 

Marketing Dashboard showing campaigns and leads

 This second screen is more interesting. After a campaign has been running, you can create a report to show the collected KPIs of the marketing program. At-a-glance, you see summaries of the marketing activity’s suspects, prospects, qualified prospects, short-term leads (0-3 months), mid-term leads (6-9 months), and longer-term leads (9+ months).

Generated opportunities and Sales KPIs are shown of course. The middle section shows the indicators for the all-important Opportunity Pipeline. There is an analysis section which provides tracking for success criteria such as Conversions of suspects to prospects, prospects to leads, and leads to sales. The cost of the marketing activities is key and you can see figures such as costs per qualified prospect, cost per lead, cost per sales, and return on investment of the marketing activity.

Marketing KPI tracking

Homework: Have a look at the book called “Marketing by the Dashboard Light” – see the sidebar on the left for the link. It’s a great book that all marketers should read.

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