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Dell’s IdeaStorm project embraces their customer’s ideas and input in a serious manner. Customers have contributed over 9700 ideas through the program. Dell management is committed to reviewing submissions and identifying trends in customer ideas and wishes – “to gauge which ideas are most important and relevant to the public”.

Once you sign up, you may click on “suggest an idea” and post your ideas. These ideas, along with those of others, are commented on by the community at large. Users get a dashboard that includes statistics on the number of ideas you have submitted, voted on, commented on, etc. The dashboard shows the latest community activity on your ideas and those ideas on which you have voted or commented on.

Here’s a screenshot of the “My Products” dashboard:

Dell Ideastorm Dashboard

For more on this user dashboard, please click on the “read more” link:

Here’s a closeup view of the navigation of the IdeaStorm dashboard:

Ideastorm navigation

The design of the dashboard and the site represents a “makeover” launched by Dell in November of 2007. It is a unified design across their IdeaStorm, Direct2Dell Blogs, Studio Dell and their Forums.

dell site design

The community portal design was lauded for some best practices, including:

A “lightning rod” posted in the upper right corner that is a prominent question from Dell that is rotated every couple of weeks designed to spark conversation and challenge the community for answers.

A popular blog called Ideas in Action that serves as a forum to recognize users, highlight ideas and communicate with the community.

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  1. How is this a dashboard? It might be a portal, but all it does is list links of other things to go look at. It actually contains precious little real information.

  2. Ditto. It’s the blog equivalent, presenting many sources of opinion in one place, but doesn’t really qualify as a dashboard.

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