Dashboard Spy Demo of Klipfolio Dashboard for Web and Mobile

I had the pleasure of being shown the ins and outs of the latest dashboard software product, Klipfolio Dashboard for Web and Mobile. Freshly launched, this dashboard system is a model of clarity in design and usability. Klipfolio President and CEO, Allan Wille, personally takes us through the Klipfolio screens in this video:

Klipfolio Dashboards with The Dashboard Spy from Hubert Lee on Vimeo.

I think you’ll agree that the design of this business intelligence is quite impressive.

In the last few minutes, I ask him about the pricing model.

The Klipfolio Dashboard trial version can be found here: http://app.klipfolio.com

Tag: Klipfolio Dashboard for Web & Mobile. Easily assemble, monitor, and share key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business metrics on any device.



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