Displaying Dashboard Screenshots with Lightbox Popups

Screenshots of business dashboards are heavily used in dashboard documentation such as help files and user documentation. Especially with business intelligence dashboards, a picture is worth 1000 words of description. With all that goes on with complex dashboard layouts and screen regions, there is simply no way to describe a dashboard screen without the use of screen capture.

Take a look at this layout and note the use of a lightbox-based technology to pop up large dashboard screenshots when you click on the matching thumbnail. Use this link to give it a try for yourself.

Dashboard thumbnail popups

dashboard screenshot popup

I rather like this design solution and how it lets you browse to what you want while using minimal space. The large “plus sign” graphic works well to inform the user that they should click on the image to magnify it. I could also see the use of a magnifying glass icon instead of the plus sign.

Of course this design solution is suitable for screen-based this place and not paper-based support documents or paper-based manuals.

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