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Dashboard Spy Post on Dashboard Reporting: Corporate governance is a major part of any dashboard project. Involvement of corporate governance groups such as executive oversight committees and project management offices are critical parts of visible enterprise dashboard projects. A dashboard spy reader asked me for help in structuring the workflow and oversight processes of his project. I thought I’d share with you what I found in this area.

The Michigan.gov site has a very interesting PDF about this very issue. Of particular interest to me was the process flow diagram that follows the data flows and project member responsibilities during the course of a month.

Take a look at the following diagram:

Enterprise dashboard reporting oversight

At the beginning of the month the project manager for the dashboard project assigns key indicator scores based on project data. He or she discusses any issues with the business sponsor as well as the IT department owner. The project manager forwards a report via e-mail by the 10th of the month and a portfolio liaison works together project related information. This liaison coordinates with the strategic project office.

The project office compiles the dashboard report mentors project managers and offers guidance on troubled projects.

The dashboard report is sent by the 12th of the month and the 15th of the month to the leadership team and the executive team respectively.

Take a look at the process flow diagram for details.

The detailed explanation of this flow is discussed within the PDF at this link:

Michigan.gov dashboard users guide PDF

Here is the detailed workflow of the dashboard reporting process as scheduled each month.

You have an equivalent schedule for your dashboard project? Perhaps it’s time to set something like this up. Take a look at the PDF and tailor it for your organization.

Dashboard Reporting Process Flow Monthly Status Reporting Cycle (as shown on page 6):

By the 5th business Day:

The Project Manager completes the “Enterprise Top IT Project Status” report based on the previous month’s activity and forwards it to both the Business Sponsor and the DIT Leadership Owner via email.

By the 8th business Day:

The Project Manager, Business Sponsor and DIT Leadership Owner meet to discuss the status report. (It is assumed that this team is meeting on a regular basis during the month. The report is a formal communication tool.)

By the 10th business Day:

The Portfolio Liaison forwards the reports to Strategic Project Office via email.

By the 12th business Day:

Strategic Project Office creates the “Enterprise Top IT Project Dashboard” report based on data received, and delivers to the DIT Leadership Team, the Portfolio Liaisons, and the Project managers.

By the 15th business Day:

Strategic Project Office delivers the “Enterprise Top IT Project Dashboard” to the DIT Executive Team.

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