Dashboard Bar Graphs from the Hyperion Enterprise Metrics Module

Dashboard designers in the early stages of an Hyperion System 9 BI project emailed me asking my opinion of the use of bar graphs to show the relative values of a certain measure. After they declined several suggestions of mine that worked well on similar business dashboards, they sent me a couple of screenshots of the types of visual metrics and charts that come with the Hyperion Enterprise Metrics module.

I took a look at their Enterprise Metrics library and learned that it is a collection of prebuilt KPIs and visualizations that can effectively show data relationships in Hyperion dashboards.

The screenshot of the bar charts they were interested in looks like this:

Hyperion Enterprise Metrics for Dashboards

As you see, it is a nice way to show the comparison of four groups in absolute as well as relative value. The colors in the “all” view are stacked and correspond to the individual rows of charts below. The numbers for each category are shown and add up to the “all” totals.

Here is the link to the Hyperion Enterprise Metrics datasheet.

And here is a quick peek at some other metric graph types available:

Hyperion Graph Selection

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