Creating Dashboard Pie Charts in Adobe Illustrator

Dashboarders in general are not experts in professional graphic art tools such as Adobe Illustrator. They do know that the graphic artists on a dashboarding team seem to work wonders, however. So let’s lift a little of the magic away today and look at how dashboard pie charts are created using illustration tools.

What’s the big difference between business dashboards created in older versions of Microsoft Excel and the latest Excel 2007? Yes, there are feature upgrades and such, but the main difference is that of look and feel. The graphics have a fresh modern look with depth and polish. Can the underlying graphic work make such a difference. Yes!

Over on the Dashboard Spy main site, I posted a link to a great Adobe Illustrator post that explains how to create dashboard pie charts. Take a look at this dashboard post.

Here is a screenshot from the tutorial:

Illustrator tutorial on Pie Charts

As you see, Illustrator has a facility for you to enter in values for a pie chart and it generates the pie chart for you. That’s the type of functionality that graphic artists need for dashboarding projects.

Now, here’s a look at how the pie chart is styled. Adobe Illustrator excels at adding effects to objects.

dashboard pie chart effects

Head over to The Dashboard Spy main site for the link to the Illustrator pie chart tutorial.

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