Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

A Dashboard Spy reader and I were discussing our predictions for the rankings of Business Intelligence platforms likely to be found in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics report. These annual reports get published by Gartner in Q1 of the year.

Another reader asked if we could post the current year results. For reference, here is the Magic Quadrant for 2014.

2014 Magic Quadrant for BI

2014 Magic Quadrant for BI

Click here to view the full report:

Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant Report for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

The report details Gartner’s opinion of each vendor including the strengths and cautions that they feel most important. I find the cautions particularly important.

It’s very instructive to compare Magic Quadrant diagrams from different years.

Here’s the 2013 Magic Quadrant for BI:

2013 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence

2013 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence

The implications of this year’s report and the trends of previous years was brought to my attention via this great must-read post:

Jen Underwood on Gartner 2014 BI Magic Quadrant

She highlighted these helpful diagrams from PivotStream:



Build an Executive Dashboard with Google Analytics

This video explains how to create a high level view for executives to use to understand traffic patterns on a company website.

The video show how to set up various widgets and reports that allow drill down examination of the data. Pay particular attention to the Executive Dashboard setup and how the left side displays the marketing funnel statistics (unique pageviews, unique visitors, engaged visitors and RSS subscribers).

The TopGear Infographic

Studying interesting infographics can have a broadening effect on the way you think of portraying data and information. A really cool infographic can really take some time to study. Take a look at the TopGear Test Track Infographic that summarizes 18 seasons of high performance car testing. Take a look at the main graphic and then click on the link to get the large pdf version.

Here is the pdf of the full size infographic:

What They Do Not Teach About Entrepreneurship

This excellent panel discussion focuses on what they DON’T teach you about entrepreneurship in business school. This group of successful entrepreneurs reveal what they learned in real life business that they never could have been taught in school. They also discuss what courses were actually most helpful to them and also what courses they wish they took but didn’t.

Really Big Bar Charts

Michelin Infographic.

Sometimes a very straight forward approach in data visualization is all you need. Let’s take a look at this comparison of the cost of having lunch at the best restaurants in Great Britain as ranked by Michelin. Well, maybe all you really need to do is to stack a really big bunch of bar graphs and call it a day!

Read more about this Michelin infographic here:

Multiple Language Infographics

Information visualization analysts in countries with multiple language preferences by the user community have to work harder than the rest of us. Here’s a look at an infographic that comes in an English language version as well as the original Hebrew version.

This one in particular makes for a good example. You don’t just have the challenge of translation, but all the left to right, right to left parsing issue. It’s almost twice the work!

You can read more about this infographic at this link:

Infographic about competitive intelligence

Hebrew Language Infographic

Music Video for Java Programmers

I missed this when it came out at last year’s JavaOne 2011. Oracle had this “Java Life” rap video created for marketing purposes. It’s a lot of fun.

The first video below is the music video. The one below that is “The Making of Java Rap”.

And here’s a bonus video:

Plus, of course, you know what this is:

Essentials of the Cloud in 2012

Learn what you really need to know about cloud computing with this free whitepaper bundle. Click “The Essentials of the Cloud in 2012 – Free Kit” to get the following popular white papers in a single download bundle:

  1. A Revolution in Cloud Networking: Citrix TriScale Technology
  2. Five Myths of Cloud Computing
  3. The Best Way to Build a Cloud — HP CloudSystem Matrix and HP 3PAR Utility Storage Provide Solid, Flexible Foundation
  4. Botnets: The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

These are excellent whitepapers on cloud computing.

Medicare Enrollment Dashboard

Dashboard Spy Example of Business Dashboard

The United States Federal Government continues its adoption of business intelligence dashboards as a data dissemination and management transparency technique with its rollout of the Medicare Enrollment Dashboard BETA version on its Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services site (CMS.GOV).

First let me show you a screen shot of the dashboard, then i’ll give you the link so that you can visit. I also want to mention a couple of things, but first, have a little look:

Medicare Enrollment Dashboard

You can visit the dashboard at this link: Medicare Enrollment Dashboard beta.

See if this strikes you the way it strikes me. Go to the link above and you’ll see that the landing page has a description of the dashboard. Click the link in the left sidebar that says “View Dashboard”. You then get to another page that lists a couple of dashboards including the one that you want to see (Huh? Yes, exactly – it’s confusing. But there’s more!).

You then click on “Medicare Enrollment Dashboard Beta” which takes you to a big page that says on the top: “Users should read the following information before accessing the Dashboard”

There’s literally a page of “information for users” that is rather dry. Then, at the very bottom of the page, under “related links”, you click on “Medicare Enrollment Dashboard”.

That brings you to a warning paragraph:

CMS has no responsibility for the data after it has been converted, processed or otherwise altered. Data that has been manipulated or reprocessed by the user is the responsibility of the user. The user may not present data that has been altered in any way as CMS data. Any alteration of the original data, including conversion to other media or other data formats, is the responsibility of the requestor.

You have to click on “Accept” and THEN the dashboard loads.

Anyone else see a problem here?

Try it out.

Hubert Lee, The Dashboard Spy




iDashboard Healthcare Dashboard

This excellent healthcare dashboard example demonstates how powerful an executive dashboard can be for healthcare management. Please pay close attention to the corner of this dashboard for an unusual twist.

What you see in the video is an executive scorecard for a hospital’s management team. Each chart displays KPIs from a different business unit in the healthcare facility and is aggregated within the dashboard’s single screen. Along with the usual display of graphs, charts, KPIs and images, this interactive dashboard also shows video (see the lower right corner of the dashboard for the embedded video – that’s the twist I mentioned earlier. Pretty cool, right?).

This health dashboard also features a “Metrics Ticker” that scrolls key performance indicator (KPI) info across the very top of the screen.