NCAA Basketball Dashboard

Update: Here is the iDashboards NCAA dashboard updated with the final four:

Fans of both business intelligence dashboards and March Madness basketball are thrilled that for the third consecutive year iDashboards is offering a free dashboard for tracking the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Basketball enthusiasts have been be able to follow their team’s journey through the tournament, gaining in-depth insight into player and statistics through the use of interactive intelligence and drilldown capabilities. The tournament dashboard can be found at

Take a look at this snapshot and be sure to visit the actual dashboard to drill down on the data.

This is the mens tournament (click to enlarge or visit the actual dashboard at

And here is the women’s tornament:

Here was the press release from iDashboards:

iDashboards Tracks the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament


Troy, MI – March 15, 2012 – iDashboards, the leader in Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard software, has once again redefined the dashboard experience, taking BI beyond the office and to the masses.   For the third consecutive year, iDashboards has released an interactive dashboard designed to provide fans with the latest player and team statistics throughout the 2012 tournament.


Leveraging iDashboards’ patented interactive intelligence, basketball fans are able to follow each team’s journey through the tournament using a dynamic sports bracket.  iDashboards’ user-friendly interface and drilldown capability provides enthusiasts with in-depth insight into regional, team and player statistics.


“By continuing development on our series of sports-themed dashboards we continually push the boundaries of traditional business intelligence while showcasing the benefits of data visualization in a meaningful way,” said Shadan Malik, CEO, iDashboards. “We encourage fans of all ages to view and interact with the dashboard while tracking the progress and game statistics of their favorite teams.”

iDashboards welcomes everyone to view the dashboard at Sports enthusiasts are invited to share or host a link to the tournament dashboard on their website, blog and social media profiles.