Sales Forecast Dashboard Example from MicroStrategy

microstrategy cloud dashboard

This sales forecast analysis tool is an executive dashboard powered by MicroStrategy’s Cloud Personal platform. You can view it at this link: MicroStrategy Sales Dashboard.

The various visualizations available on this sales dashboard is accessed via panels and tabs. A panel is the window that contains the visualization. Users can insert any number of panels to view their data in different graphical representations (each panel is represented by a dot located on the top right of the screen). A tab is a collection of panels, and filtering criteria may be specified at the tab level. The two tabs in the Sales Forecast Analysis Dashboard assess revenue trends along two different filter conditions.

With the first panel, Sales Managers can evaluate the revenue by the various industries and at the same time obtain a multi-dimensional performance snapshot for sales revenue at each stage of the sales cycle. The second panel shows a bubble chart that uses size and color to portray total revenue and number of accounts by geography. Each of the ensuing panels showcases a different visualization, from the conventional pie charts to heat maps.

Here’s a look at what you get when you click on the second tab:

Microstrategy cloud personal

More on the MicroStrategy Cloud Personal platform in an upcoming post.