RMM Dashboard for Remote Monitoring and Management

I was recently tasked with the mission of finding the state of the art in RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) and wanted to check in and report some of the very cool findings I’ve made. Long time Dashboard Spy readers know that I’m fond of the data visualization and dashboard work that the infrastructure side of the industry does. Network management, endpoint security, remote backup and recovery and patch management are some areas that can produce a lot of data and bring reporting challenges. I’ve always watched the vendors in this space for how they manage their dashboard reporting.

I came across a company, N-able Technologies, that has a very sophisticated suite of tools in the RMM space.

Here is a good intro for those of you looking to investigate state of the art Remote Monitoring and Management solutions.

This is a video:

These are a couple of screen captures from the video showing some of their RMM dashboard views.

rmm n-able technologies

n-able technologies RMM

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