Dashboard Graphics in Microsoft Access

In recent Dashboard Spy posts, we’ve looked at the power of Microsoft Excel for business dashboards. We’ve shown you how simple it can be to embed icons and graphics into Excel dashboards. We’ve seen some pretty slick business intelligence dashboards with gauges, dials, bar charts and pie graphs. My favorite excel dashboards seem to be the ones that use spark lines.

Now it’s time to look at using KPI visualization such as meters and dials in Microsoft Access dashboards. Yes, you can actually use Access to create some visually interesting executive dashboards.

Take a look at this screenshot from an Access dashboard:

Microsoft Access Dashboard

or how about this one?

Access Dashboard

Nice, right? Want to know how to create your own Access dashboard with these nifty business dashboard graphics?

Go to this post:

Using Dashboard Graphics in Access

This from the article:

Let’s face it, Access isn’t typically a tool you would think of when considering a dashboarding platform. The reporting tools in Access, as slick as they are, don’t lend themselves to visualizations.

That is, Access doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of dashboarding graphics. Sure, it has charts and conditional formatting, but nothing like Excel.

In this post, I’ll show you a hack to spruce up your Access reporting by using your own dashboarding graphics.