Performance Benchmarking Dashboards

Topic: Performance Benchmarking Dashboard Example: Medical Practice Costs Dashboard.

Executive Dashboards display metrics from across an enterprise. We, as business managers and information technology professionals, work hard at compiling, cleaning and delivering the correct data from sources distribution across corporate systems and data stores. Of course, you say, “That’s what we’re trying to accomplish with our enterprise dashboard projects. What are you getting at?”

My point is that usually the point of view of our corporate dashboards is inward. We compare metrics with past periods or targets, but we usually don’t bring into our dashboard targets much in the way of industry metrics.

So, let’s look at performance benchmarking and dashboarding. I came across some interesting management dashboard applications from the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association). Their dashboards specialize in allowing medical practice management users to benchmark the metrics of their facility against industry standards.

I thought this worth highlighting for Dashboard Spy readers, because it’s not often that our dashboard metrics incorporate comparisions against standards external to the enterprise.

The dashboards are simple to use and understand. They are powered by Xcelsius as you can see in this video.

If you can’t play the video of the dashboard example, click on the more link below to bring up the rest of this Dashboards By Example post. I’ll provide screenshots of the dashboards and links to the xcelsius dashboard examples.

Here is the video of the Medical Practice Costs Benchmarking Dashboard (yes, it’s fuzzy, but click on the image and it’ll be sharp when the video runs):

See “more” for the link to the dashboard as well as details about the practice management KPIs and metrics.

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