USA Immigration Infographic

A Dashboard Spy reader was working on the creation of an infographic and called me for help. He’s not ready to show his work on this blog yet, but I wanted to share some inspiration I shared with him. He was looking to do something cool with a bar chart and I showed him this example. It shows United States immigration statistics in a cool layout. The bar chart is done in the shape of the U.S. flag. It’s a few years old, but definitely worth studying as an example.

Take a look:

Immigration statistics infographic

You’ll definitely want to see the original here in its full size. Click on this link to view a larger version:

U.S. Immigration Infographic

Interesting copy that sets up the user expectations from the infographic itself:

Who is coming to America? Immigration may have taken a back seat during the financial crisis, but the issue still needs resolving. While illegal immigrants sneaking over the border is still a primary concern, it’s good to know who came to our country legally and from where. This is a look at the 20 countries from which the most people came to America in 2008, how many immigrants already had family here, and how many received asylum when they arrived on shores.

Mobile Health Infographic

Thanks goes to Dashboard Spy reader Thérèse for alerting me to this interesting infographic on the booming mobile health field. The concept of mobile health revolves around using the now ubiquitous mobile toolset (cell phones, tablets, and other such devices) to transmit health related information such as blood pressure, blood sugar and similar vital signs to health providers for remote monitoring.

Here is the infographic:

Mobile Health Trends Infographic

Infographic on Mobile Health Trends

Here is the post that Thérèse pointed me to. BTW, Thérèse is a Project Manager in Healthcare IT, and can be found on LinkedIn at

The Selling Out of Infographics

For quite a while now, Dashboard Spy readers know that I’ve been warning people about the “dark side” of infographics. I had a long conversation with someone who took me to task for being so cynical. Here’s basically how the conversation went.

This person LOVES INFOGRAPHICS. I asked him to show me the kinds of infographics he loved – and I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. These were real, legitimate information visualizations with lots of care and effort put into it. When done right, and with respect to the very real principles behind information visualization, there is nothing like an infographic to turn on that light bulb over the viewer’s head.

However, my side of the story was that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry has found that infographics are awesome traffic magnets. The presence of an infographic allows a webpage to be easily promoted via social media, blogging and other means. From the point of view of many hard-core SEO practitioners, any infographic will do – regardless of quality. The result is a TON of cheap, poorly created infographics that are not “real”.

Whenever I try to warn people about this, however, I am always not believed.

Well, I finally have my proof of infographics being used as an SEO tool. Take a look at this infographic:

Christmas Cash Infographic

This is called the Christmas Cash Infographic. So what, you may say.

Well, take a look at the yellow button at the bottom. It’s being sold for a couple of bucks as an SEO traffic device on a web marketing forum. Click on this link to see the pitch and read the “inside discussions”:

Christmas Cash Infographic for SEO

I just noticed that the “buy button” was pulled down and that the offer is being withdrawn. Perhaps I’ve shed too much light on this sort of thing? Hmmmm.