IBM System 360 Film from 1965

Time for a Dashboard Spy time warp. This is one is a real classic. Made in 1965 by IBM, this film promotes the use of computers in business. I love the segment on pseudo code:

store N in slot X
add nos. in X and Y, and store in Z.
subtract nos. in X from Y, store in Z.
multiply nos. in X by Y, store in Z.
divide nos. in X by Y, store in Z.
print number in slot X

At least I assume it’s pseudo code. I’m certainly no mainframe programmer!

The name of the film is Man and Computer. Several IBM films were made by top filmmakers and sometimes featured well-known actors.

I love the “back in time” feel of this. It reminds me of the training films from LOST.

Hubert Lee
The Dashboard Spy