Dundas Dashboard Samples

If you haven’t tried these interactive dashboard examples, please do take the time to try them out. They are highly interactive and give you a sense as to what can be accomplished in terms of “active” dashboard interfaces. These dashboards do require that you have Microsoft Silverlight installed.

You can visit these dashboard demos at the Dundas Interactive Dashboard Samples and Gallery.

I particularly like the Microsoft Incident system dashboard:

This Microsoft system center dashboard involves fictitious incidents and displays associated KPIs such as Time to Resolution by Day, On-Time Completion, TTR by Month, etc. Emphasis is on performance, and visualizations consist of various charts, scorecards and gauges.

Also, the Retail Operations Executive Dashboard is worth studying in depth:

This retail executive dashboard emphasizes operations analysis, and tracks KPIs such as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by Department and per Employee. Visualizations consist of various charts, gauges, and scorecards.