Dentist Dashboard

Dentist Dashboard Example: Screenshots of Dental Practice Performance Metrics and KPIs.

Dentists can track the performance of their practices with Dentist Dashboards. Here are some typical practice metrics:

Total Office Gross Production, Doctors Gross Production, Doctors Net Production, Doctors Hours Worked, Hygiene Hours Worked / Gross / Net Production, New Patients, New Patients to Patient Visits, Comprehensive Exams to New Patients, Number of Patients Reappointed to Hygienist, Patients Visited to Hygienist.

Here are some screenshots from a Dentist Dashboard. Note the various dental practice KPIs in the various screens within the software application.

Dental Dashboard:

Dentist Dashboard

Dental Dashboard Key Performance Indicators for Practice Management

Dentist Dashboard KPI

Dentist Practice Metrics

Dental Practice Performance Metrics

Dental Practice Management Dashboard Metrics:

Dentist Office Metrics

Dental Practice Optimizer Dashboard:

Dentist Practice Optimization

Here is where these screenshots are coming from:

Sikkasoft Dental Practice Optimizer

Their focus is on multi-practice optimization and the importance of clinical benchmarking. An excerpt from their description:

Why Choose Business Optimization and Clinical Benchmarking?

Practice Management Systems are transactional systems and are not designed to do business intelligence or business optimization functions. In addition, when you want to compare your providers across your network, and to the dentists beyond your DSO/DPM network, only Sikka Software has the clinical benchmarking solutions for that. Sikka Software is a pioneer in bringing business optimization applications to dental businesses and has been working on pay-as-you-go subscription models with over 5,800 installations. Now, Sikka Software makes available the platform that supports those applications and delivers it using cloud computing so you can get up and running on the optimization and benchmarking applications in record time. With the Sikka GenesisTM platform, cloud-based usage of optimization and benchmarking becomes an integral part of any DSO/DPM IT strategy. Sikka Software Corporation is an established company and market leader in business optimization and benchmarking. The company is endorsed by Henry Schein, Inc., PracticeWorks (Kodak Dental), Dental Economics, and major banks and broker groups. Sikka Optimization solutions are being used by many large DSO/DPMs including Heartland Dental, Great Expressions (for evaluation of new practices), Christie Dental, Rose Dental, Venetian Dental, Childrens Dental Center and dozens of others.

I’m going to do some research and find some examples of dentists, periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and other dental professionals that optimize their practices using key performance indicators and metrics. Stay tuned.

The Dashboard Spy on Dentist Dashboards

Dentists Optimizing their dental practices with Key Performance Indicators:

Dr. Susan Y. Lee, DDS – Long Beach, CA

Albuquerque Dentist Dr. Gary Sanchez

Dr. Jeffrey C. Lafuria Warren OH Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Joel Smith – Tampa, FL Dentist

Dr. Dorothy A. Tiberii, DMD – Sarasota, FL Dentist

Dr. Leslie S. Pfeiffer – San Antonio, TX Trudenta

Dr. Lynn C. Sayre-Carstairs, DMD – Periodontist San Luis Obispo

Dr. Jeffrey L. Cohen, DDS – Covina Dentist

Dentist Albuquerque – Dr. Gary Sanchez

Buckhead Dentist – Dr. Daren J. Becker, DMD

Spokane Dentist – Dr. Navdeep S. Virk, DDS

Milton Dentists – Dr. Dennis G. Hopkins and Dr. Bowman Y. Shin

Austin Sedation Dentists – Dr. Thomas Roland, Dr. Hoppy Lane, Dr. Elizabeth Willis and Dr. Albert Olivares

Dentist Laguna Niguel – Dr. William Y. Gregg DDS

Houston Dentist – Dr. Glenda Owen

Sandwich Dentist – Dr. John Waters and Dr. Adam Winckler

Buckhead Sedation Dentist – Dr. Donald R. Rozema, DDS

Dentist in Grand Forks – Dr. Jay A. Anderson

Lawrence Dentist – Dr. James F. Otten, DDS

More dentists are taking part in the dentist dashboard trial. Reach out to them to find out about how they are doing dentist practice optimization with business intelligence and dental dashboards.