BusinessQ Hotel Dashboards

Dashboard Spy reader Hrvoje Smolić is the CEO of Qualia (, a Croatian business intelligence company specializing in information dashboards.

He’s submitting this series of hotel dashboards for our study:

We start with the Executive Dashboard focusing on the revenue numbers.

Hrvoje explains:

This is an Executive hotel dashboard. Its intent is to give information about Revenues made on different aspects of hotel business – Rooms revenue, Food and beverage revenue, Meetings and events revenue and finally, other hotel revenue. For the chosen date, this dashboard will show month to date actual revenue, month to date budget revenue, month to date last year revenue as well as month to date forecasted revenue for all important entities, including total hotel revenue. For the graphical representation, we used bullet graphs in relative values actual revenue vs forecast revenue. On top of that, there are three metrics shown for the particular day chosen – Actual Revenue, Numbers of rooms occupied or Guests present on that day and Average Hour Rate (Revenue per room / Revenue per guest)

In this dashboard, the user can filter data on time dimension (by picking a month) and on Outlet. For Outlet chosen, it will show three important parts of hotel business. First, there is a monthly time series graph showing for each day in the month Number of guests, Daily revenue per guest and Pickup (number of guests that attend that particular outlet compared with total number of guests in hotel). Secondly, there is a detailed table for the selected day in the graph that the user can select interactively. It shows number of guests, average amount spent on food and average amount spent on beverages for breakfast, lunch, dinner and night. Finally, integration with a time management application is made. On the third component for each day the number of work hours logged by personnel is shown.

In this dashboard, the user can filter data on the time dimension (by picking a month). This dashboard presents how well Rooms are doing in the hotel. It will show three important parts of the room metrics. First, there is a Statistics month graph showing the number of guests present in the rooms and Number of Occupied rooms for each day in the month. Then there is Index number shown which is ratio of work hours by personnel on the chosen date and number of guests in rooms on that same date. Finally, integration with time management application is made again. On the third component for each day, the a number of personnel work hours is shown split by hotel departments.

Thanks Hrvoje