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In light of some recent negative reviews of Xcelsius 2008 (see Xcelsius Dashboards Bashed), the Dashboard Spy recently sent out a call for Business Objects Xcelsius 2008 dashboards so as to see how the product is being used out in the field. Today we start our brief visit of some Xcelsius 2008 dashboards by looking at an example of a dashboard from titled the Best Places to Work Dashboard.

No enterprise application is an island, and a digital dashboard is no exception. We have studied the growing acceptance by corporations of enterprise mashup dashboards, in which content is assembled from shared APIs made available from third parties. The Best Places to Work Dashboard is just such a mashup dashboard with shared live data from newsfeeds, stock prices, and GoogleMaps.

Here is a screenshot of the mashup dashboard followed by a Dashboard Spy video of the Xcelsius dashboard.

Computerworld best places to work 2008

Dashboard Spy Video:


Click on the “more” link of this post to read details of this Xcelsius mashup.

As described by ComputerWorld:

The evolution of business intelligence and analytics systems has brought us easy-to-use tools designed for everyday business staffers — as opposed to statisticians or data analysts. By using point-and-click technology, police officers, physicians, accountants and salespeople can mash up and explore structured and unstructured data from far-flung sources in a way that makes the most contextual sense to them.

This dashboard was built using Business Objects’ Xcelsius 2008 software. It uses interactive data visualization to navigate and view large amounts of information from Computerworld’s 2008 Best Places to Work in IT and 2007 Salary Survey databases. Additionally, Business Objects uses three third-party components from Centigon Solutions Inc., which allow for a Google map mash-up, enhanced aesthetics and a dynamic sort function.

To navigate the digital dashboard, click on one of the three top tabs, indicating organization size. Based on your selection, the map and table will populate with the names of Computerworld’s Best Places to Work. The table just below the map provides drop-down tabs to sort the organizations based on various criteria, such as training and advancement opportunities.

The Xcelsius dashboard also includes the latest news about the companies, live from Google’s newsfeed, and current stock quotes for publicly traded companies.

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