Apple Uses Dashboard Layout for Discussion Forums Redesign

Dashboard Spy topic: Dashboard Layout Design, a new example from Apple – the Apple Support Communities Dashboard. When Apple rolls out a redesign, it behooves us to sit up and pay attention. Especially if the new design includes a dashboard layout.

The recent revamp by Apple for its discussion forums in the Apple Support Communities includes a user configurable dashboard. A new tab on the support communities main page called “Your View” is a customizable dashboard view. In order to see it, you’ll need to log into your Apple Support Communities account. See this screenshot:

Apple Support Communities Dashboard

From a design perspective, it’s really interesting how the dashboard designer calls attention to the fact that the “Your View” tab is customizable. Note that the big blue “bubble” really draws the eye to the fact that personalization of the dashboard is possible. What a strong selling point to the dashboard users.

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