An Introduction

Welcome to the Dashboard Spy's famous collection of screenshots of executive dashboards, balanced scorecards, business widgets, or whatever the latest name is for visually-oriented business intelligence tools meant to assist in corporate decision-making.

Here you will find screen after screen of dashboard concepts, implemented projects, and other tools to help you conceptualize, design and implement your business dashboard.

In the spirit of "a picture is worth a thousand words", use this site as a source book for inspiration. If you are struck by a particular screenshot, please enter a comment. Your input and observations may help someone else. Plenty of comments will make this a more useful community.

This collection is for academic reference purposes only and links are provided to the original sources. If you are a copyright holder and wish to play "Bah, humbug", please enter a comment to that effect and the material will be deleted. However, I strongy urge that you consider that it would only help yourself to share your work in this high growth stage of a new business phenomenon.

 If this site is of interest to you, please help spread the word to others. If you really want to help keep this effort going, please use the links on the Books page to buy books about dashboarding. Thanks in advance.

PS. I nearly forgot to point out that you are currently enjoying the Dashboard Spy Blog. Did you know that it's actually the companion to a much wider website? Be sure to check out The Dashboard Spy Website at It got lots of goodies such as this neat dashboard wireframing template for you to use in mocking up your dashboards.

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