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Enterprise Dashboard Digest ( http://enterprise-dashboard.com ) is the ground-breaking business intelligence resource published by The Dashboard Spy. Volume 1 of the Enterprise Dashboard Digest contains over a thousand screenshots of real-life business intelligence dashboards and reports.

Known by its various names (digital dashboard, performance scorecard, enterprise dashboard, management report card, executive dashboard, metrics report, and so on…), the business dashboard has become the ubiquitous face of business intelligence. The natural suitability of the dashboard metaphor to monitoring business health and system metrics makes these “at-a-glance” interfaces popular with both business users and I.T. departments.

Today, dashboard design has matured such that we see business dashboards of high design caliber with best practices from the fields of graphic design, information visualization, technology implementation and user experience areas such as usability and user interface design.

This wasn’t always the case.

When Hubert Lee AKA The Dashboard Spy started designing business intelligence dashboards many years ago, this was an unknown field. Through many implementations, Hubert discovered various best practices and do’s and don’ts of business dashboard design. However, he was frustrated that there wasn’t an “idea book” type of resource that he could flip through to see how others solved the sometimes tricky design issues of business intelligence interfaces.

Hubert decided to collect screenshots for his own reference. By begging fellow business intelligence software designers for screenshots of their dashboards, and by “liberating” any dashboard screens he happened upon, he started a collection that would eventually become famous.

As business intelligence dashboards became more popular and practioners clamored for design resources, Hubert was convinced to start posting his collection online. By this time, his collection of business dashboards was the biggest in the world. In order to avoid running into trouble for encouraging the smuggling of dashboard screenshots from the world’s largest companies, Hubert started posting his dashboard screenshot collection under the moniker of The Dashboard Spy. Started in 2006, The Dashboard Spy’s Dashboards By Example has shown the business intelligence practitioner community over a thousand examples of business dashboards.

Since these somewhat “underground” beginnings, business dashboard design has adopted a much more “open source” spirit and sharing of dashboard design, code and metrics is now common place. Hubert was free to drop his “secret identity” and now is recognized as a trail blazer in this niche.

Similar resources have appeared over the years, but none have matched the quality or spirit of The Dashboard Spy’s Dashboards by Example. Either these sites are fly-by-night scraper sites throwing together content to make a quick buck, or they are unduly vendor-driven. Only The Dashboard Spy network of business intelligence resources continue to deliver the real deal.

At Dashboards by Example, you and your dashboards are the real stars. There’s no vendor hype, only real examples of dashboards presented by their proud designers, developers, business users and other stakeholders.

Because of the years of posting secretly under the Dashboard Spy moniker, Hubert has kept the site ego free. There’s no “Listen to me cause I’m a B.I. bigshot” attitude here. Instead, there is a real spirit among the readers and Hubert’s quirky, unpredictable approach to providing interesting content.

Did you know that The Dashboard Spy even has a theme song? Sung by musician Geoff Smith, The Dashboard Spy Theme Song makes for a catchy introduction to the whole Dashboard Spy spirit.

Hubert Lee is proud of the latest Dashboard Spy innovation. He has just launched Dashboards.ORG, a blogging platform and social media network where anyone interested in business dashboards can start up a profile and receive their very own blog with a cool dashboards.org web address.

Volume 2 of Dashboards by Example can be viewed at dashboardsbyexample.com. Hubert is sure that the next 1000 dashboards will be even more exciting that the first!

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