3rd Place Excel Dashboard is for Pharmaceutical Sales

Executive dashboards are hot IT projects at Bristol-Myers Squibb this year. The sales operations management area at the company has already developed 10 business intelligence dashboards (and 100 operational reports) so far in 2008.

This particular sales force dashboard, developed in Microsoft Excel by Hitesh Patel and Mike Askew of Data Intelligence, was entered into the Microcharts Best Excel Dashboard of the Year contest and won the third-place prize.

Here is the dashboard screenshot. Click on the image to enlarge it. 

 Bristol Myers Squibb Dashboard

Let’s take a look at the background and implementation details of this excel dashboard. Join us after the “read more” link:

Here is the write up from the contest pages:

Target User

Bristol Myers Squibb Regional Sales Manager


The dashboard shows all of the information that a Bristol-Myers Squibb Regional Sales Manager (RM) requires to run his business on a single page, including

  • Cash
  • Cash Growth
  • Market Share
  • Market Share Growth
  • Competitive performance

It also provides a breakdown of a region into different areas along with their KPI key performance indicators. Effectively, it shows all the key performance indicators for a product at all the required levels.


With all the key information available on single screen, it allows Managers and Executives to compare and evaluate performance of a product at various levels of geographies.

  • Rich data covering up to 10 data sources on one single screen.
  • Able to provide the business summary of a product at a glance for a selected geography.


  • Tri-color alerts for Sales vs. Target catering the needs of the business.
  • Trends for Cash, Cash Growth, Market Share and Market Share Growth.
  • Trends for Market Share for all the products within the specific market.
  • Deviation Charts to evaluate performance of each Area against the overall national figure.


Business Background

The Regional Dashboard is just one of a series of around 10 dashboards, and 100 operational reports developed for Bristol Myers Squibb’s sales force and Sales Operations Management in 2008.
The parent application is in use at BMS UK headquarters, and also with several hundred sales staff. The data is sourced from around 15 separate pharmaceutical feeds, and fed into a central data warehouse. The reporting environment is Microsoft’s BI platform, Analysis Services. The Reporting and Analytics toolset is the XLCubed suite, with report delivery through XLCubed Web Edition. The web based reports are fully data connected and dynamic, such that when new data is loaded into the warehouse layer it is instantly available in the reports, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance.

For more background on the application see the case study pdf:

Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Sales Case Study


The other winning excel dashboards:

Excel Bank Dashboard

Medical Practice Management Dashboard


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  1. Interesting that none of the winning dashboards contain any real bling or excessive colour. One might think that function was a higher priority than form. 😉

    Well done all.

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